New Commercial Project: Addison

As architects we have a strong interest in improving the Urban environment.  In recent years we have been engaged to develop design oriented infill commercial projects that add to the community and create local shopping and office areas.  Bringing our background in high quality environmentally conscious design to a larger scale has been a satisfying addition to our practice.

Environmentally friendly elegant design is the foundation of sustainable profitable projects.  Good design does not have to cost more, but designing a good building that passes the world of ADA requirements and the Myriad of planning and building codes takes experience.  We have the background to bring your project from a good idea to a great completed project.

The Addison Street project was a remodel for a 1960's concrete block two story office building in Berkeley. The original building was very rectangular and rather unattractive. By adding square footage to the front of the building visual interest was added. In addition a third floor was added which increased the overall square footage as well as the curb appeal.

The project has been the subject of extensive review and has been approved by the Berkeley Planning Department.

Taking full advantage of the interior walls not being structural, the entire interior could be redesigned. Changing it from a rabbit warren of dark, confusing hallways into more open, light filled design. Recycling and reuse as a large part of the project, as well as using natural materials where possible. The third floor was added on top of the existing two-story building allowing three more private office suites which were custom designed. One for an architectural firm. Including space for workstations, private offices, conference room and print room. Custom workstations and built-in desks and bookshelves help complete the functionality. One for massage therapists, including a small waiting room with built-in desk. And one for a magazine company. All private offices were designed with as much natural light as possible, heating and cooling units and each floor has unique features creating a diverse and interesting office building.