Special Projects

Occasionally a client will have a special needs project. Some of our favorites have been the bath house, the bellfry, and the wood sheds.

The bath house was designed as a compliment to a yurt used for sleeping and eating in the country. The bath house was designed with high ceilings, translucent roof, outdoor shower, indoor shower, sink and toilet. Access to the water heater is from outside the bath house. The toilet is a composting toilet, thus requiring no extra water and no septic system.

The bellfry was designed to hold a beautiful bell to hold, protect and display the bell in all its glory.

The dacha (under new residential construction) is an off the grid house. Heating is largely supplied via the wood stove, and so wood sheds were needed. Modeled after japanese style construction. Raised platform makes for more convenient storage and retrieval of fire wood. Extended roofline protects wood from weather. Open front and back allows for easy access to firewood. Two sheds were built to allow drying time for newly harvested firewood.